Reality TV finale thoughts

I realize that Top Chef actually ended, like, two weeks ago, but I only watched the finale last week. Turns out Trinity already heard about what happened, so he delayed watching until I demanded to know why he wasn’t itching to watch it.

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Watching the episode was agony. Hosea and Stefan were naturally at each other’s throats, bickering over foie gras and caviar. But what really hurt to watch was seeing Casey take Carla down, notch by notch. Oh, try to sous vide the beef, oh, why not a souffle instead of a tart… Carla! Girl, there’s a reason why Casey didn’t win the title of Top Chef. Sigh. And apparently, I’m not the only one who feels kind of, eh….about Hosea winning the season 5 title. If Stefan won, I would’ve been, well, he’s the better all around chef… If Carla had won (although she and everyone else watching knew that was not going to happen with what happened with her meal), I would’ve thought, I like her! And she’s a good cook! But Hosea…? Ughhh. First off, he can’t cook fish even though he keeps saying he can, second, he is so obviously always trying to keep up with Stefan. Third, he’s such a douche bag for what happened with Leah.

Anyway, last week was also the season finale of ABDC.

If you didn’t know who won, don’t keep reading.

But it seems that Quest Crew kind of stole the ABDC trophy from Beat Freaks….but with good reason, I think. The video above is their final challenge, the hip hop decathlon challenge. This was a tough challenge — they had to incorporate tutting, krumping, threading and housing (I think that’s it) into one routine. Beat Freaks did a good job….but Quest Crew just rocked it.

Then! Then! They did the Last Chance routine, where they design the entire performance — they put together the music, with D-Trix playing the piano during part of the routine. Dude…how cool is that? They called the performance their “Orquestra.” It was excellent.

Then the two groups came together to do a really awesome, old school routine. It was so much fun.

So, yeah, I must eat my words. My predictions did not pan out. Beat Freaks did not win. They did not end up in the bottom two to fight for a spot in the top two. And ABDC producers did not somehow push a mediocre crew to the top two just to have a West Coast crew go up against a crew from another region. However! The crew (Quest Crew) that ended up winning did have to fight for their spot in the top two.

I am not entirely sure how I feel about Quest Crew winning over Beat Freaks. I really like Quest Crew. I really like Beat Freaks. I especially liked Beat Freaks because they are such talented women dancers. I think I would be more enthusiastic about Quest winning if I didn’t like Beat Freaks so much. Heheh, I think I’m OK with Quest winning. I really like them, I love their dancing, I always have fun watching them…so yeah. I’m cool.