Predicting the next few ABDC episodes

I know your game now, America’s Best Dance Crew producers. Now that the last of the two gimmick groups have been eliminated (I’m sorry, but clogging? On a hip hop dance crew show? Really?), I now know what the next few episodes are going to be like. Next episode, the Fly Khicks will be eliminated. (I doubt it will be the Strikers All Stars) It could be SAS, but I doubt it. Second to the last episode, somehow Quest Crew and Beat Freaks (or is it Freakz?) will get the fewest votes, with SAS guaranteed to be in the finale. Then Quest Crew will be eliminated, with Beat Freakz beating out SAS for the win.

This is, of course, all dependent if they follow the formula of the last two seasons. And why would they change what seems to be working so well?

Video of some of my favorite performances after the jump.

Above, Beat Freaks blew Trinity and I away in the magic challenge. They were SO AWESOME. Watching it over and over again, you gotta wonder why they even bothered continuing with the show, they just rendered moot anything else any other group had to offer.

My second favorite crew this season is Quest Crew. These guys have a great sense of humor — somehow, they had the balls to pull off Britney Spears. I really like them, but I think they will be sacrificed for the Beat Freaks.

So, you may be wondering how I came up with the ABDC formula. Easy. The two best crews from the past season have always hailed from L.A./West Coast — Season 1, it was Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern; Season 2, it was Fanny Pak and Super Cr3w. (Although, I still think SoReal Cru was better than Super Cr3w.) In Season 1, instead of pitting Jabbawockeez up against Kaba Modern for a real titanic battle, Kaba Modern basically placed third, below that group with the silly circus routine. In Season 2, Fanny Pak, a sleeper, underdog crew if there ever was one, somehow, somehow, somehow got eliminated before the finale, making the final battle between Super Cr3w and SoReal Cru. Even though the best crews always seem to hail from the West Coast or Los Angeles, I guess ABDC wants to keep it PC and make sure other parts of the country at least get to the finale.