2 WordPress workshops wrapped up

Since the blogging All-Stars panel last year, I’d been planning to put together a WordPress-for-journalists workshop. Most of the planning credit goes to my coworker and co-board member Leezel, who scouted out computer rooms at Cerritos College and Santa Monica College. The beginner’s workshop went very, very well — it was a packed room, with a good mix of professionals and students (although I think students still outnumbered the professionals). Despite the lack of WiFi, the existing Mac set up made it easy to get plugged in from my laptop. Since I was basically teaching WordPress.com, it was easy to teach from my prepared outline.

The advanced workshop…not as easy. The real headache was being unable to get on the campus WiFi (even though it was labeled “open”), so I had to type in all the addresses of the bookmarks I’d saved. Also, out of 20 people, only four of whom were professionals, just nine showed up. And even 3 pages of outline was not enough preparation for a workshop that covered domain names, hosts, connecting nameservers, installing WordPress through a host, setting up a database, explaining FTP, SEO, Adsense and text link ads. Sigh.

However, the feedback I’ve gotten has been positive and I’ve got these two workshops under my belt. I guess, if anyone wants an encore, just let me know.

One thought on “2 WordPress workshops wrapped up

  1. mitch plessner

    i am looking for a WordPress workshop for my 75 year old dad. He has a website and has worked with WordPress a few years ago but could use a refresher course. He lives in Arcadia California


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