Going in to surgery in the morning

You may have noticed I’ve been doing a lot of posting this weekend. It’s partly because I’ve been so busy with the WordPress Workshop preps that I wasn’t able to write about a lot of stuff I had meant to until yesterday, after wrapping up the class. I don’t know how much posting (or, regular posting) I’ll be doing tomorrow, or even the rest of the week.

Monday morning (tomorrow!) I’ll be having surgery done on my nose. It’s basically the next step after having my mole removed a couple of months ago. I didn’t post an update about what happened to my biopsied mole, which used to sit right where my smile line meets my nose. In fact, you can see a faint dot that is beginning to come back to the area. Anyway, it was found to have some abnormal cells, so the doctor who shaved off my mole referred me to another doctor in West Hills/Woodland Hills, who scheduled me for surgery tomorrow to remove the rest of the skin with abnormal cells. Which is one of the reasons why I pushed so hard to have the WP workshops finished by last Saturday, so I wouldn’t be thinking about it when I go into surgery. I also didn’t want to have another workshop wearing stitches. Heheh.

The doctor, by the way, gave me the option to do nothing about the mildly atypical cells. He said that in the future, it may not even become anything. But it could. So I figured, just get ‘er done.

I’ll be going under general anesthesia, so after midnight, I can’t eat or drink anything, or take any type of medication. In fact, I haven’t been able to take Advil for the past week, which was bad timing, since this past week was the first week of sweeps. Sigh.

The doctor was originally going to replace the skin removed from my nose with a graft from behind my ear. But, at last week’s pre-op appointment, he decided he would try to work with the skin that was there and just stitch it up. Great.

I’m a little nervous about going under — something about being chemically put to sleep gives me the willies — so I’d appreciate a prayer or two in my direction.