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Women need to feel that they have been consulted…

“Women need to feel that they have been consulted, respected and given the information they need to make free choices in the best interest of themselves and their child. This allows them to begin motherhood feeling strong, capable and mentally healthy…”

HOT DAMN, this is exactly how I felt when I wrote this: http://darleeneisms.la/2014/05/third-baby-third-hospital/

Source: http://www.bestdaily.co.uk/your-life/news/a573059/a-healthy-baby-is-not-all-that-matters.html

Giving birth another try

I had high hopes for my second go-round at giving birth. First off, I hoped giving birth would happen closer to my due date, which was Sept. 20. Then, I hoped that I would actually go into labor, and actually joked around with coworkers about working up until my water broke at work. I also hoped to give birth naturally (even with some concession to having an epidural, if the pain got really bad), because I did not have fond memories of recovering after my C-section with Michael.

So much for all my hopes. I never thought I’d be a multiple C-section mom, but here I am. As they say, the goal of every birth is a healthy mom and a healthy baby, so you gotta roll with the punches.

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Another adorable baby boy

This will not be a long blog post, as I still feel as though someone ripped out my stomach (oh yeah, in a way someone did…) and I’m perpetually light-headed and headache-y from having not eaten anything for, oh, 36 hours or so. Babies are great, but dude, whoever thought up C-sections really wanted to make giving birth a truly lasting, painful experience. Anyway, Christopher David Powells was born at 8:20 p.m. on August 22, 2011, weighing in at 4 pounds, 5 ounces and measuring at 17 inches. Even as things didn’t go as I’d hoped — like my hope for a VBAC down the drain, for example — at least I didn’t need magnesium sulfate, which even my Ob-Gyn agreed was a nasty medication.

So, here I am, 1st day post-partum. I haven’t eaten anything solid yet, unfortunately, but I am no longer chained down by my catheter or the massage socks (that’s probably not the term for them — they are sort of like leg warmers that massage your calves to prevent blood clots in your legs). I’ve already taken a lumbering, somewhat ginger lap around the post-partum ward, and I’m hoping, hoping, hoping I’ll get breakfast tomorrow! So, in the grand tradition of not posting early baby pictures of my kids on Facebook, here are a few photos of my little Chris.
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