Hello, world. It’s now 2013.

If you know me or have read my blog for any length of time, you’ll know that New Year’s is my favorite holiday. It’s a sort of tradition in my family — we always spent New Year’s Eve together. Plus, there’s always been something special and exciting about celebrating the new year — you know, it being a fresh, new year. And I’ve always said every year is better than the last.

This, however, is the first year I began with more than a little worry. 2012 was not the greatest year, in my opinion. I mean, 2011 sucked quite a bit in its own right, but at least that year I had Chris, who has been a joy and a blessing. For my family and I, 2012 was a year of tumultuous changes that we’re still navigating.

Considering all that, you’d think I’d be happy to bid 2012 farewell — and I am. But, 2012 has been so traumatizing, you could say I’m a little gun shy about looking forward to a new year.