Birthday with a baby

My first birthday with Michael in my life didn’t exactly go as planned. Previous birthdays since Trinity and I have been together have kind of gone like this — sleeping in, breakfast, an activity (like the time I dragged Trin to the Santa Barbara Zoo) and dinner. Yeah, first Michael wouldn’t let us sleep in. Especially me. We couldn’t eat breakfast because we were busy taking care of Michael. Michael’s only about 5 months old now, so an activity was not necessarily feasible. So, what did I do? Not work. I also got an oil change and dropped my car off to be fixed (I haven’t posted about this yet, but will in another blog post, possibly) and got a rental car. And…stayed home and watched TV with Trinity. We had a lot of catching up to do on our DVR.

Don’t get me wrong though — Michael did not ruin my birthday. Even though he woke us up super early on pretty much every day we were off work, he amused us to no end by giggling — yes! he giggles! — while we tickled him and being a silly ball of cute. While Trin and I went through our backlogged DVR, we’d put him down to nap on his belly, then find him awake on his back. And don’t get me started on our adventures in cereal eating, week 3.

So yes. Adult birthdays with a baby do not exactly go as one might plan. But they are so much sweeter.

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