May milestones

At the end of May, Michael is five months old and its been a month of milestones for him. First, he started rolling over at daycare and has done it for me a few times — but I haven’t caught it on video just yet. I also began feeding him rice cereal, which he’s taken to pretty well — he recognizes the spoon and opens up when I put it in front of his mouth. We bought him a Bumbo seat last weekend, which he loves, since he can now look around at everything. And this past weekend, the ladies at church looked at him drooling and gnawing on his fists and fingers and proclaimed him teething. Despite what his pediatrician says (that the teething symptoms happen just before a tooth pops), Michael is displaying all the symptoms that everyone assigns to teething — the drooling, night waking, coughing, biting & gnawing, ear pulling, irritability & fussiness. So yes. My baby is getting bigger!

I have to admit, though — because I wasn’t the first to see Michael roll from his tummy to his back, I was a bit bummed. The day after Michael’s caretaker told me that Michael could roll over (the previous week, she’d put him down in his play yard and come back to find him in a different position), I was tearing at my desk. I know that countless moms before me have worked full time and raised perfectly happy, healthy children, but I live for taking pictures and recording moments of my loved ones. Of course, it was that afternoon that I was encouraged to try him out on his tummy again, and he rolled — twice! I just couldn’t get it on video.

Of course, I got plenty of other footage, of him doing baby pushups and just being cute in general. I managed to put it all together in a nifty video. Check it out after the jump: