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Programming change

Seriously, who reads this site on a daily basis? How about every other day? Weekly? Heck, there are weeks when even I don’t even look at this site, I’m so busy posting to other places that my first love gets lost in the shuffle. Well, no more. I decided to start syndicating the stuff I post to Tumblr and to Wedding Decorator here, so don’t be surprised when you see very mom-centric or wedding-centric headlines. I just want darleeneisms to accurately reflect what I’m doing, and it wasn’t going to happen by my posting alone. I’m still mulling over including feeds from, say, Instagram and Facebook, but I figure this will be good for now.


Greetings in 2011!

Yes, I’m still here. However, I’m contemplating a redesign, and you know I get when I want to redesign — I basically don’t want to blog until I do it. Also, I’m working on getting some stuff going, so there’s that too. You’ll hear back from me soon!

I have a life, right?

Things are not looking good for my blogging life. Just being pregnant, I’m pretty tired by the end of my day and need to nap by the time I get home, thus shortening the time I have left for blogging. And honestly, what else have I been into besides baby and AAJA? Not much else, and even then, baby is getting the short shrift for AAJA, which just feels more urgent right now. (How it feels more urgent over the little flutters in my belly, I’m not sure.)

On the AAJA side, we’ve finally gotten past our first convention planning meeting, which….whew. That all means that we’re now past the logo creation stage, which is a huge relief, since Trinity designed it. It was a big headache, especially considering poor Trinity is not even a member, much less on the board. But here’s the logo, it turned out awesome:

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Back in working order

I had all these blog posts in mind this weekend, but I think my brain sort of got overloaded with all the stuff I had to do for my site on the backend. Basically, I’ve been wanting to switch from GoDaddy’s hosting to HostGator, which I use for Wedding Decorator and have been happy with. I finally got off my butt to do it when GoDaddy charged me nearly $100 to auto renew for two years. So I had to first backup my site, download my files and upgrade my HostGator account so it could take unlimited domain names (the Baby package). I followed the directions of various blogs to get my WordPress files transferred properly to HostGator, but there were a few snafus — I initially put my files in the wrong folder, then it turned out an .htaccess file was blocking my images, etc. It took plenty of IM conversations and emails with HostGator’s tech support guys to figure it all out, but its all in working order now and I’m happy as a clam. And my site loads much faster at work compared to when I had my hosting on GoDaddy.