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Back to Santa Barbara

Vacations are all about time and/or money, so when you have three young kids all in some form of paid child care, you don’t have either of those things. But I put my foot down this year. We WERE going to take a vacation, even if it was a small one. I briefly considered San Diego, but the parks are crowded and expensive, and the hotels make you pay for parking. So I turned my eye north and we dipped our toes into the family vacation pool by taking a couple of days to hang in Santa Barbara — and it was perfect.

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Visiting the Palm Springs Air Museum

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I went out to Indio for a visit with my sisters. My older sister had been telling me for months she wanted to take the boys to the Palm Springs Air Museum, so we of course made our way there during this visit.

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Another birthday week, come and gone

Every year, when my birthday rolls around, I feel its a good time for Trinity and I to take time off work. Pre-kids, it might mean a vacation — like the week we went up the coast to check out Hearst Castle and the Monterey Aquarium — but now that we have kids, it means staying home while the boys are at daycare.

Mama's birthday!

My birthday happened to fall on Memorial Day this year, so we of course stayed home and fired up the barbecue. Later in the day, after the boys had napped and we had our big lunch, we went to Barnes and Noble and bought Mike some new Dr. Seuss books.

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End of a vacation

Vacations, no matter how many weeks you take off, are always too short. Maybe a week is way too short, but that’s what we had, and if feels like we hardly got to do any relaxing. That’s really not true, since we decided to “staycation” and had at least two or three days set aside for simply hanging out. Anyway, this week off literally began with my birthday. Yes, it was my birthday. And I’m not afraid to tell the world I turned 33.

I began my celebratory week a day early, taking the day off so I could hang out by myself (Mikey went to daycare), and have lunch with my friend Iliki. We had a lovely lunch at Black Angus in Burbank, and of course, she told the wait staff it was my birthday, so I got the obligatory song and massive cookie topped with vanilla ice cream. It was quite yummy.

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I went on vacation?

Just two weeks have passed since I was in the Big Island of Hawaii, but with all that’s happened, I feel as if I didn’t even go. Almost immediately after returning from vacation, my husband and I took about a day to recover from jet lag, then packed up our entire home to move from one condo to another about 5, 10 minutes away. Even though it was a small move, man, it was tiring.


However, it did turn out to be more relaxing than even Trinity anticipated — mostly because I was barred from going to Volcanoes National Park (it was vetoed by both Trinity and my sisters) and also because I didn’t have as much energy to do as much as I would have liked.

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