Geez, I have cute kids

There’s really not much to update. I’m still on leave, so I’m doing quite a bit of work on Wedding Decorator and this site. In fact, don’t be surprised if you see a new look here very soon. But I figured it was time to post some pictures of my adorable boys. Oh, and Chris is not yet sleeping through the night, but he’s doing better. I’m trying to limit his naps during the day two 5 hours (like a 3-hour nap in the morning and a 2-hour nap in the afternoon) so that he starts actually sleeping at night. But having Michael and Trinity come home at 6:30-7 p.m. kind of messes him up, and he ends up staying up till 11 or so. We’ll get there.

The above photo has a funny story. I was with the two boys for the first time by myself on Veteran’s Day, so after being home all day, I packed them up and took them to the mall. We went by Nordstrom’s to visit their cousin Tamika, who works at the Sephora counter, when I realized Mikey had peed so much, he was leaking through his jeans. I hadn’t had to do this by myself before, so I had to think fast. I remembered that Nordstrom’s had a really roomy family restroom, so I hauled both boys in there. First I took off Christopher (I’d been wearing him in a sling) and laid him down on top of the sling. Then I took the changing pad and put Mike on top of that. Mission Impossible, accomplished!

Don’t you love Mikey’s PJ’s? He’s so cute in them.

And Chris is beginning to smile more!

2 thoughts on “Geez, I have cute kids

  1. Gayle

    Darleene, your boys are so cute! Congratulations to you and Trinity. I wish we can have a “get together” soon just to catch up…it’s been forever. We miss you guys! Please send our love to your brother and sisters. Take care! Ate Gayle

  2. Heather

    They are so adorable!!!! I see so much of you in Mikey and so much of Trinity in Christopher. Just gorgeous.

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