Lost in a WordPress redesign

I desperately wanted to take my eyes off my laptop screen, but I wanted to write a little bit here. Yes, I’m in the midst of a redesign, but not for this site — this site’s already done! No, I’m in the middle of redesigning Wedding Decorator, and the fact that I’m doing it on my laptop while sitting on my couch in front of my TV is kind of driving me bananas. It doesn’t help that WordPress has changed drastically since the last time I redesigned my sites in 2008.

Let me just fantasize here for a little bit. Ideally, I’d have a den where a desk could be set up, with room for my filing cabinet, printer and various other office containers and stuff could sit full-time. Since we moved the last time (before Michael was born) my office stuff has been spread out between our dining area, the nursery and our hallway — not conducive to staying organized. Also, I am used to being on the computer while watching TV, but having the TV screen be bigger than my computer screen seems to not help me focus on my work.

And this is all while doing just the backend coding. I haven’t even started on new graphics for either site (I need a new favicon). Oy.

You know what? I’m going to go fold laundry!

(….see what happens when you redesign? Sheesh.)