Fourth of July fun

Last year’s Fourth of July was pretty chill — we stayed home, had Michael’s nana, pawpaw and auntie over, we barbecued and watched fireworks on TV. This year, we decided to go down to Dana Point and hang out with Mikey’s aunties — where it was cooler, although still quite warm.

IMG_7033.jpgPhoto by my sister

Mikey had a fine time running around with his aunties. And he also had a whole lotta fun running through the hose and getting wet, so we figured it was time to try him in the pool.

Yeah, Michael was less enamored of that plan. Look at that unsure look. Every time I ventured out a little deeper into the pool, he would whine a little louder.

My thought is….we’ll have to take him out to the pool more often, so he can get more accustomed to it. He didn’t even like it when I would go out deeper into the water by myself.

He didn’t get his happy face back until I wrapped him in a towel and tucked him into my arms and we sat down on a lounge chair.

It was a good time. I didn’t take pictures, but before we ventured out to the pool, he noshed mightily on barbecued sesame chicken, sweet potato fries and crab. But possibly the funniest picture I took was the one snapped maybe two minutes after we started out on the journey home.


We were on our way to a gas station about 3 minutes from my sister’s house and were about to pull in when I glanced back and saw Mikey sleeping hard. Poor guy! But that’s Fourth of July. Everyone kept asking me how he liked the fireworks, but he wouldn’t have been able to stay up for that. He was too tired and he’d done too much during the day to stay up for fireworks.