Home sweet home

There’s something about not being able to take your baby home after giving birth that makes you value late night feedings and poopy diapers. Yes, Michael has been home since Friday, and that first night was a doozy. He refused to sleep quietly in either bassinet we had for him (downstairs and upstairs) and would only sleep in mine or Trinity’s arms — which meant Trinity and I got very little sleep that first night.

Last night, the second night, was much better — Trinity’s sister and nieces visited yesterday, bearing gifts, including an infant sleep positioner. One of the problems we had with Michael sleeping the first night was that we think he didn’t like sleeping flat on his back from his two weeks in the NICU, where he got used to sleeping on several soft layers, on an incline. Of course, that was OK there, because there were all sorts of sensors keeping track of his breathing and heart rate. Besides the sleep positioner, Trinity and I ultimately had to put up with a period of crying so that Michael would fall asleep in his Pack N Play bassinet. It finally worked, thank God. We still had to get up periodically during the night, but at least we didn’t end up spending the entire night awake.

Anyway, a few pictures!

My camera is a bit of a pickle to handle, so photos of Trinity, Michael and I in the NICU and one of me in the wheelchair leaving with Michael were all blurry. But here’s Michael in his going home outfit, snoozing in his car seat on the way home.

I love this photo — it kind of reminds of those celebrity photos, where the celebrity has their hands up as the paparazzi is snapping photos. And Michael’s eyes are so huge!

Since Michael came home, I’ve been mostly just reading email, Facebook and Twitter messages and not responding. So at one point, Michael demanded my attention, I picked him up and the Macbook photos ensued. Hey. It was going to happen.

I don’t remember exactly what time this photo was taken at. But the look on Trinity’s face (and maybe the T-shirt too) says it all. We were tired.

And the next morning, after I fed Michael, I was just watching his face, and snapped this photo with my phone at just the right time. Then I texted the image to some friends with this message:

“Good morning everyone! I managed to keep mommy and daddy up all night!”

But with that face, who could be mad???

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