Virtual baby shower

Apparently, my constant posting of links to my Babies “R” Us and Target registries has not been hint enough, so I’m going to spell it out — because my condition is becoming less conducive to carrying the baby, chances are I will be unable to have a baby shower before the baby arrives. And since the baby books always recommend buying stuff after the baby shower, Trinity and I have nary a bottle, onesie, swaddling cloth or diaper, which may be needed sooner than later if I continue to spill protein in my urine. (I know, TMI.) The amount of protein in my urine has gone from +2 last week to +3 this week (the desired amount is 0 or negative), so if I continue to spill protein in increasing amounts, I could be induced as soon as this weekend or next week. Now, in most cases, I would be out at Babies R Us and Target myself, buying stuff, but I’m not allowed to because I’m on bed rest. Trinity is doing his best with work, taking me to doctor’s and non-stress test appointments and taking care of things at home I’m not allowed to do. Trinity’s first opportunity to get to Babies R Us/Target won’t be until Saturday, and like I said — I don’t know what’s going to happen after this next non-stress test on Thursday and the results from a 24-hour urine test I had to undergo (look it up if you want to know what it is).

So, if you were planning to get something for our baby, then now would be the time. Thanks for reading this self-promotion service announcement.

2 thoughts on “Virtual baby shower

  1. Pam

    Darlene, I totally appreciated and can relate to your blog. :-) LOL!!!
    I am on restricted bed rest rest for the duration of my pregnancy (3 months and counting…not due until late March 2010) With that said, I’ve been having the same dilema and no one is really getting the hint. So trust me, I love your “self-promotion service announcement”. Some times you have to be blunt to get your point across. Good luck.

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