Christmas gift

No, I haven’t had the baby yet. But, I was able to venture out into the sunshine the day before Christmas — albeit, for a non-stress test at the hospital, but at least I was able to go out and appreciate the sunshine for a few hours after being cooped up in my house for two days straight.

Additionally, while most people would hate going to the hospital on Christmas Eve, I found something to really like about it. The test I had to undergo required me to wear belly sensors the entire time, one for the baby’s heartbeat and one for keeping track of my uterus (which is not contracting yet, thanks). So I got to listen to my baby’s heartbeat for several hours.

It was nice, especially since getting this pregnancy-induced hypertension diagnosis. I’ve been a little worried about how it will affect the baby. But the baby seems to be as strong as he was before. Take a listen: