New year, new look

If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, or you’re just a little oblivious, I’ve redesigned yet again, this time, with a single column theme, which I’ve actually never done before, even with the original, html site that so many got to know and love. Ha. Anyway, as I describe in the updated About page, I actually started to hate my old theme with its three columns. It felt so busy, when dude, I really am not writing about anything consequential here. Seriously. So I started looking at single-column designs and managed to mix it up — redesigning the style of one theme that is super powerful with the styling of one theme that I consider totally gorgeous.

So if you haven’t figured out what’s going on yet, here’s a quick guide — what I used to have on my sidebars, like Flickr photos, a search field, archives, yadda yadda yadda, they’re all now incorporated into “sidebars” inside the one column. How cool is that?! If you stumble on anything that looks hinky, please let me know.

Thank yoo! Thank yoo very much. (I watched a lot of The Closer episodes during the making of this new design.)

3 thoughts on “New year, new look

  1. de

    I never saw it before but it looks really cool, and I’m lovin the kitteh he looks wise, thoughtful and scrappy all at once :)

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