Been MIA

My apologies for being preoccupied the last week or so. I’ve obviously been reading stuff still, but haven’t had a chance to post lately. Let’s see…I was busy moving my Wedding Decorator blog to its own host (good bye, Blogger!). I’ve been looking around for a new cell phone (do I want to stick with a regular phone? Do I want a smartphone? Do I want to hold out for an iPhone?) I was also busy getting nominated to co-president of AAJA’s Los Angeles chapter. My bad.

I’m still not sure how to feel about the whole co-prez thing. Thank God I didn’t have to actually run for election. I’ve heard those things can get kind of negative.

I’ll try to not be so bad at keeping up the blog. I’ll also let you know how the cell phone thing works out. As much as my life is online, I really am resistant to changing my habits. I don’t even Twitter. For shame!

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