I didn’t hassle the Hoff

Dont Hassel the Hoff T-shirt by Squat Orange

Don't Hassel the Hoff T-shirt by Squat Orange

Seeing as how my place of employment is on a working TV studio lot, you would guess that I would see or run into people who are in movies and TV shows on a regular basis. It’s not all that regular, really, but it happens. And since I regularly work out in the studio lot gym, which is called Joe’s Gym, yeah — it happens. For example, as I came in one day, Gary Sinise was on an elliptical. And just to demonstrate what a dork I am, I instantly thought, “Captain Dan!” Yeah, sorry. I have also seen Brittany Daniel a couple of times and set off a bit of a storm at work because I mistook her for one of last season’s Big Brother contestants.

Anyway, today it was David Hasselhoff. Yeah. He was an one of the ellipticals, and I took the second one. He was actually wearing that shirt! But what am I going to do? Start getting all starstruck? No. I had some working out to do. Plus I had to get to work, with all the fire pictures I had. Really, the only thing I said to him was, “are you watching this?” so I could change the channel and watch the coverage on the fire.

But really, what I wanted to say was….”do you remember my family and I? We met you in Las Vegas, maybe 10 years, 12 years ago, and we played you and your family in laser tag. And we kept killing you.”

But, shyeah, right. As if he would really remember that.