On Fire Watch!!1! close to home

Smoke from the Calabasas fire in the distance

Smoke from the Calabasas fire in the distance

I was getting ready for work when I heard the steady thump of a helicopter. My curtains were not completely open, so I opened them more and saw the telltale ochre skies. Oh, yeah. Brush fire.

This one turned out to be in Calabasas and it burned toward Agoura Hills. It looks really big, from the pictures I took, and I of course did what Trinity hates me to do — drive-by shooting with my camera. What?? This is what I do. Just be glad I have a lot of practice.

Smoke bigger than the fires bite

Smoke bigger than the fire's bite

When I finally got on the freeway, (I leave early to go work out on the lot), the fire looked huge and I totally thought it was burning across the freeway. Turns out it was burning right around Lost Hills Road when I saw it and the curve of the freeway and the wind blowing north made it loook as if it were burning a much bigger area.

Flames and smoke along the 101 Freeway

Flames and smoke along the 101 Freeway

The fire, now, is just about contained, but now I’m just sharing my pictures. Luckily, this was not a day of many fires, like last October’s firestorm. If there had been a couple more fires burning, we would have been in trouble.

For the whole set, click here. Check out photos from my work’s choppers and cameras here and some viewer photos here. And if you really want a good laugh? Here’s the video where I bluster via cell phone. Live!

Hey, at least they got all the e’s in my name!

2 thoughts on “On Fire Watch!!1! close to home

  1. shruti

    I think you did well! You sounded just like a reporter using a phone to report back from the field. Which was, essentially, what you were doing.

  2. darleene

    I dunno Shruti. I always sound like a child when I hear my own voice. I don’t even want to tell you what I used to sound like on my voice blogs.

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