One-hour road trips

Neptunes Net by Bob Chamberlin/Los Angeles Times

Neptune's Net by Bob Chamberlin/Los Angeles Times

Is it just me, or have the L.A. Times’ writers finally begun to realize that not everyone can afford to go to Europe or eat at 4-star restaurants?? Today, they finally came up with a list of places you can reach with one gas tank. Oh, there are so many places, but their list includes Vasquez Rocks, Neptune’s Net and Carpinteria State Beach. Not a bad list! Neptune’s Net is a place I’m especially eager to visit. (And, is it just me, but was this the place featured in “That Thing You Do!”?? Remember, Joe’s Shrimp Shack?) A few things I wish they had also included are fees — parking fees, admission fees. Oh well. That’s why you get the website addresses, I guess.

But in Los Angeles, there are so many other places that can be done for on the cheap, admission, gas and mileage-wise. Here are a few of the places I’ve been meaning to check out:

  • Bowers Museum — for the Terra Cotta Soldiers exhibit, which ends October 12. The admission is higher than I’d like it to be at $25 ($27 on weekends), but I figure its cheaper than actually going to China.
  • Huntington Library — $15 admission ($20 on weekends and holiday Mondays)
  • The Venice Canals — free! I actually had plans to do this yesterday with a friend, but I had so much to do here at home. Oh well.
  • There are actually several animal conservation centers in the Santa Clarita Valley I’ve been wanting to check out. I especially want to see the Gibbons, the “Cat House” and the Shambala Preserve.
  • I’ve also been curious about Ojai. What the heck is out there???
  • I would love to check out one of the Channel Islands.

I could go on and on about the different places in Southern California that I want to check out. But I have to go to work soon.

Got any cool SoCal spots you like to visit or would like to check out? Leave it in the comments.