Mark Craig was in town!

Marc Carig

When Marc Carig is in town, all sorts of Filipino hilarity ensues. Marc, pictured here with a scary-looking yet tasty s’more/churro concoction, was in town to cover the Angels-Orioles series for the Washington Post and was able to fit lil’ ole me into his schedule. Trin grumbled a little about having to drive all the way to Orange County to hang out with Marc, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend, but I pointed out that it was easier than meeting them halfway to Washington D.C. Which I wouldn’t mind either, but this way is cheaper.

What’d we do? Mostly hang out, eat at Cafe Tu Tu Tango, drink lots of coffee, eat lots of sugar, go to Dave and Busters for a couple of games of pool then video games galore. I scored pretty well at the multi-player trivia game (easiest way to pile up those tickets, I swear), earning myself 260 tickets at one point. W00t. They shot hoops, Trinity kicked my butt at air hockey (a game I usually adore because I’m pretty good at it, but they had these fancy, schmancy tables I was unaccustomed to…), and I played plenty of skee ball, my other favorite arcade game.

We drank not a drop of alcohol, but I was nearly out for the count by the time I got home. Heheh, I must be getting old.

Oh, and I misspelled Marc’s name on purpose, in reference to the time the WaPo misspelled his name when teasing a chat with him and another reporter. I can has dikshonary?