Birthday/blogiversary details

It’s hard to believe its already May, much less May 6. Time is flying fast! So I didn’t make my blogiversary/birthday announcement for no reason, I have been following up. Yesterday, Trin and I went to Union Station to check out the kitchen, storage and eating areas to know what we’re working with. And we’ve developed the menu. :) Check this out:

On May 24, we’re cleared to begin cooking as early as 10 a.m. I figure that’s enough time to whip up the menu we’ve planned — spaghetti, chicken, salad and some sort of bread. I’m not trying to make it too elaborate, so that’s where we stand for now. If anyone is willing to cook, let me know — right now I think I have three cooks, but I think we need at least five or six to really round things out. We probably need a few more people to help serve and decorate. :)

So here’s what I need you (my friends) for:

  • Bringing a dessert! I want the real potluck fun to show through the desserts. If someone wants to bring a cake, that’s fine. But it would be great if someone could bring a cake, someone else might bring cookies, someone else could bring cupcakes… A variety would be fun!
  • A few someones to show up early and decorate! I figure balloons will do the trick and if you guys want to bring streamers, that’s cool too. Please don’t bother with a Happy Birthday banner. Sure, my birthday is my excuse to do all this, but this is not about me.
  • Drinks! I have not made plans for drinks, and we need someone to step up and offer to bring drinks and possibly ice.

OK, I think that’s it for now! I will probably post a final update before the big day, but again, if you can’t come, or if this is not your jam, that’s OK too! You can still make a donation, remember!