I want a puppy! Here’s why

Photos taken by cbs2.com‘s Erik Oginski

I never understood people who don’t like dogs. I may be a cat person at heart, but I love dogs, too. This girl here makes me think its either time to get pregnant or get a puppy. Both options are expensive and the thought of either makes Trinity uncomfortable right now. Anyway, this week I’ve been in a tizzy over Winnie — that rhymes! — and its plain to see why.

Look at that face!

Not only that, like her older brother Fisher, she’s just a sweetheart. So well behaved, so soft and fluffy, so doe-eyed. I often see her on my way to the lot’s gym, hanging out on the patches of grass scattered throughout the studio. She’s always surrounded by girls, petting her and cooing about how sweet and pliant she is.

Don’t get me wrong, Fisher is still my guy. But we no longer get to see him in person, since he’s no longer a guide dog in training (he’s now a therapy dog). Winnie truly makes me want to have a puppy, even though I know how much work dogs entail, especially for someone like myself who is unfamiliar with the care of dogs.

Winnie stretched out

Anyway, you know my Web team is all over the Winnie beat. She’s already got a 43-picture slideshow and dozens of videos, both from her days at the station and from hanging out with Fisher at home. Not only that, Dave Malkoff did a sweet package just on her, with all sorts of gratuitous snorgling with Sandra Mitchell, Mia Lee and Josh Rubenstein, plus a hilarious slice of video of her interrupting breaking news at the assignment desk.

Seriously, every time I see her in HD, I squeal. I want a puppy now!

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  1. Tess

    haha! i thought i was the only one who squeals whenever i see doggies. fisher and winnie are soo cute!!

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