Keeping up with the darleeneisms*

I apologize for the recent dearth of posts; I’ve been kind of busy lately. Mostly reading and keeping up with the news, busy at work, busy planning an AAJA-LA activity, plus another event of my own — a combined fete for both my blog’s 10th birthday and my 30th birthday. More on that in another post. Oh, and my keyboard is still wonky and we haven’t bought our new iMac yet, so blogging from my laptop has been kind of torturous, what with my mouse going every which way randomly.

However, I haven’t completely gone without posting. Well, at least to Facebook. I’ve also begun saving stuff on To subscribe to the stuff I’ve been reading on Facebook, take this address and paste it into your RSS reader. To check out my bookmarks (admittedly, I mostly save stuff I want to buy, but I keep those private, hehe), click here.

*Whoops! To subscribe to my Posted Items on Facebook, click here. The address above is notifications about me on Facebook, like comments on photos and who my new “friends” are. You don’t want that.