Too hot in the Top Chef kitchen

OK, OK. I generally, normally do not blog about what I watch on TV. And honestly, I never watched so much TV as I do now that I’m married to Trinity. Whatever. So yeah, of course I’m going to blame my new fondness for “Top Chef” on him.

But we were watching last night’s episode, and it just seems the magic is gone. Why? Tre is gone. It’s just wrong. (Sorry, I don’t meant to rhyme.) And, no, I’m not only saying this because Tre is cute. Heheh. In fact, I’ve kind of reserved my opinion on Tre’s looks out of respect for my husband (who, oddly enough, also goes by that nickname with his friends). In fact, Trinity is way more upset about Tre being eliminated than I was — something about the black man solidarity, but also more that Tre seemed like a shoo in to win it all.

But Trinity and I are not alone in being upset about Tre’s elimination. BuddyTV couldn’t wait to go out and interview Tre after his elimination. And New York Magazine also rushed to interview him. And some of the comments on the Houston Chronicle’s Cook’s Tour blog have been caustic.

well im done with TOP CHEF NOW
I thought i had a new favorite show until i saw Tre get cut. I though Top CHef was going to be a Class Act. Do the producers really think that Low class Drama will help their show. The same type of Drama doesn’t work for every genre. It may work for a show like “Being Bobby Brown”, but not for Top Chef. I thought top chef would be a refreshing yet slighlty dramatic reality show with class, but the producers seem to want “rowdy”. Tre provided the drama of a calm, and collected chef that women liked to watch and men like to live vicariously through. It’s like a cinderella story, a black man who makes himself a success without acting foolish(no disrespect to flavor flav). People like that if you havent guessed it yet. So if its about drama, he had it. People watch golf cause of tiger woods, and you dont see him getting in arguments and extreme drama. People like to watch hard working people succeed in reality, its the american dream in action. Americans are classier than TV producers think, they underestimate our tastes.
If you place a WolfGang Puck next to every McDonalds then WolfGang Puck will out sell MC Donalds hands down. the same with TV. Give us class.

So is it Tre or Howie, Howie is not cool. He is not fun to watch. what makes howie is Hung and Sari. Take Howie off then we will ll still like the show as long as you don’t cut the good guys.

Tre was fun to watch cause he was cool and calm and humble yet was hard working and had a look.
The combo team in restuarant April was a good one

Are the produces oblivious to what really appeals to viewers or are they simply in denial.

But in that same line, another commenter noted that judge Ted Allen hinted at exciting news for Tre on his Top Chef blog. I should have known; I predict Tre will have his own cooking show before long.

Photo courtesy of BravoTV via New York Magazine