Time for that Fall Filipino Fun

I am into alliteration a lot more now that I work in broadcast news. Ah well.

Anyway, my buddy Moonie was kind enough to remind me that FPAC was this weekend. What’s that, you ask? The Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture. Oh, its always so much fun, you’ve got to try and go.

This year, there will be your usual FPAC performers, like Rex Navarette and rapper Bambu. But honestly? You should simply come out for the yummy Filipino food, the lovely environment (you cannot go wrong with any event at Point Fermin in San Pedro), and the now much cooler weather. Plus, there’s usually some fun stuff to look at and buy. Dude, it’s only a $5 admission, and its to a non-profit. Do I need to try and convince you more?

I may go myself on Sunday, depending on when church lets out. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Adorable baby photo from last year’s FPAC via flickr’s astrobuddha