You can be part of a class action, too!

I getting sick of all these stupid notices of class-action lawsuit settlements. If they actually equaled some money, it might be all right. But since these offers tend to require you continue using Sprint or use another Carfax car report, what’s the point?

I got the Sprint class-action settlement notice last year. At first I was definitely going to do it, because I was so irritated with how they’d treated us. But the options of the settlement were so complicated — all these bloody subclasses — and basically the best you could get is “a series of eight equal (as nearly as practicable) quarterly invoice credits on future Sprint wireless bills to their existing account in the total amount of $19.00.” Blech.

Yesterday, I got a class-action settlement notice about Carfax. Remember how I bought a car? Of course you have to get a Carfax report. West vs. Carfax’s details are:

Plaintiff claims that Carfax violated the consumer protection laws of all fifty states by not properly disclosing terms and conditions for, and limitations of, Carfax Vehicle History Reports.Carfax denies all of Plaintiff’s claims of wrongdoing.

If you purchased a Carfax Vehicle History Report directly from Carfax at any time before October 27, 2006, you’re a Class Member for purposes of this settlement.

Class Members who remain in the settlement can claim a Voucher good for $20.00 off a vehicle inspection by a designated third party within six months of final approval of the settlement, a Voucher good for two free Carfax Vehicle History Reports from Carfax within one year of final approval of the settlement, a Voucher for one free Carfax Vehicle History Report from Carfax within two years of final approval of the settlement, or a Voucher for 50% off an unlimited number of Carfax Vehicle History Reports (for personal, not commercial use) over 30 consecutive days within three years of final approval of the settlement. The Court will also order Carfax to make certain changes in its disclosures and contracting process with customers.

Now, since neither Trinity nor I plan on buying a third car anytime soon, nor exchanging any of our current cars for a new one, what the heck am I going to do with another vehicle inspection or a voucher for 50% off an unlimited number of Carfax Vehicle History Reports?

The one class-action settlement that actually seemed to do me any good was one against Coffee Bean that had to do with employee breaks. I actually got $20 out of that one.

5 thoughts on “You can be part of a class action, too!

  1. I sent in all the info for the Microsoft suit…supposedly they are sending $600 back…..I will believe it when I see it

  2. You guys have it all wrong. Its not about the 15 or 20 bux you get off these rediculous things its the deterioration of our rule of law. The only thing that entices these bulls_ _t lawyers to do it in the first place is, “how many customers do they have?!?” OPT OUT ALWAYS!! Which means you actually have to do something (send a letter to a certain agency)otherwise somehow you’re automatically part of the group…which is also BS ’cause it should be the other way around. Screw these as_ h_le lawyers and their frivilous lawsuits.

  3. No I disagree. I had huge issues with Carfax about a year ago. My “unlimited service” was cut off because they claimed I was a dealer. I am not a dealer and was shopping for a personal car for myself. The company is very shady. I was talking with the HEAD of their customer service group and his attitude was clearly not pro-consumer. I am very glad someone finally went after them.

  4. I got the same email that Darleene did and I agree with her. Most of these class action lawsuits give people useless scrip. They are nothing but a shakedown racket for lawyers. And the lawyers who bring them are worse than common criminals because they use our legal system do do the extortion.

  5. Ad agency’s get paid millions of dollars for advertising. Maybe it a win-win situation for Carfax and the lawyers. After all, they collect info about you, you buy more of the same product and everybody’s happy. Does anyone really know if the lawsuit is real? or is this just the corporate lawyers generating more business!

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