It’s January, all right

I don’t know what it is – the New Year’s Day resolutions or just knowing our fat, tubby flanks are not getting any tighter underneath our jeans, Uggs and sweatshirts. (Ha – I don’t wear Uggs! As if.)

But the fitness/nutrition bug has bit me too. I don’t have a fabulous YMCA near me the way I did when we lived in Monterey Hills, but there are some fabulous streets, canyons and hillsides where a bike should prove to be tons of fun — if I had a bike. So, yeah, the eventual plan is that Trin and I will be getting bikes. I’m not sure when or where from, but that’s the eventual plan.

But since diet and nutrition is not all about exercise, I read with interest a note from the WiseGeek via Laist. The WiseGeek put together a super cool article on what 200 calories looks like in various shapes, foods and sizes. It’s an eye opener. But then again, its sort of a “we already knew that” kind of thing. Celery, good, eat all you want. Fried bacon, bad — eat in moderation. The surprises, to me, were the peanut butter, salted mixed nuts and the potato chips. To me, that looks like a good handful of potato chips, but then again, I guess no one really only eats one handful.