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I check my stats all the time. For the past — let’s see, crap! nine years, I’ve been fascinated with how people get to my site, why people get to my site and what they’re looking for. I think that’s one of the reasons why I’ve kept the site for so long — I would rather know what they’re looking for than not know what they’re looking for.

Anyway, in regards to today’s LA Weekly story about the Long Beach hate crimes:

– first, I had no clue she was going to include my “complaining” about the attacks in her story.

– second, I don’t go by Darleene Barrientos anymore, much less Darleene Barrientos Powells. Good God, look how long that name would be. It already takes me forever to sign my name can you imagine if I had tried to keep my maiden name? I wonder if she cited me that way so that, as a source, I would have “ethnic street cred.”

– the opinions voiced in previous posts were merely my observations and in no way related to my work as an online news producer. Everyone who works with me knows I go for the cleanest possible editing and the best, most punchy headlines I can muster. That said, I love my job. Just so everyone knows. ^_^

I gotta admit, though — getting a mention in a newspaper is kind of cool (when its not my own byline), even when its something as silly as this.

3 thoughts on “For the record

  1. Maybe she assumed you were a hyphenated libbie.

    Darleene Barrientos-Powells (or, if you run for LA mayor: Barrientospowells)

    There, I fixed it good!

    >>>>>I don’t go by Darleene Barrientos anymore, much less Darleene Barrientos Powells.

  2. Darleene–
    When I very first posted a link to your blog, you asked me, via the FBLA Anon. Tips box to correct the spelling. I did so, and have been reading your blog ever since.

    When I turned in my piece, I identified your site only by its name and URL, but the Weekly wanted a person’s name. Google Darleeneisms and here’s the hit:

    darleeneismsDarleene Barrientos’ Powells’ blog, formerly known as, formerly known as Random Thoughts. – 79k – Jan 4, 2007

    So, that’s where all your names came from.

  3. And I’m not certain why I’m “ideefixe” on my post above.
    Kate Coe, and you can email me at

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