Was there ever a Blogging Bandit?

Going through my usual diet of newspaper digest emails and blogs, I saw that my buddy Josh had done an amusing story about the history of bank robbers and their nicknames in Los Angeles. Is L.A. really the bank robbery capital of the world? I guess it would make sense, with the huge number of freeways we have, but on that same token, it wouldn’t make sense since there is so much traffic here. Hm.

I was kind of lazy this week, plus working on another project, so I neglected to mention that one of my former coworkers, Mark Madler, will finally be leaving the Glendale News-Press and Burbank Leader for the San Fernando Valley Biz Journal. Congratulations! GNP/BLR alums have a way of landing well – Josh is at the Daily News, Claudia Peschiutta is at Fox (after being at the LA Biz Journal and KFWB), Marshall Allen and Gretchen Hoffman are at the Pasadena Star-News, I’m at CBS. And that’s just within the 2000s. So, as much as I didn’t like the long hours and the more-often-than-not yelling/shouting sessions with certain editors, it was good experience and I really liked most of the reporters, editors and photographers I worked with. And honestly, I still really like local news.

Speaking of CBS, I thought about blogging this last night, but I was too tired, so Kevin at LA Observed beat me – we have a plethora of new blogs, including a new, station-affiliated one by longtime blogger Bryan Frank, aka BeFrank, whom I see every so often around the station. I should have known he was going to get a station blog after he left this comment.

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