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34 weeks and getting close to the end

I had another ultrasound this morning, and it was a good news/bad news kind of appointment.

First, let me preface the news with some truth. Being at home, I’ve probably been doing more than I should — for example, I vacuumed the rug yesterday, and the other night I helped finish cleaning up the kitchen (in spite of the excruciating back pain signaling to me that I should sit the hell down), all of which I am definitely am not supposed to do.

Considering all that, the bad news first is that my fluid is low again. First, the perinatologist measured me at 4, then later amended it to 6.5, but either way wanted to re-admit me to the hospital.

Good news? Baby is growing well and is at Chris’ birth weight two weeks earlier. I’m not having stubborn headaches, major swelling or high blood pressure readings and I’m apparently not spilling more urine — which would all be signs that the pre-eclampsia is getting worse.

I know, from researching during my previous hospital stay, the dangers of having low amniotic fluid — the chief being that the baby won’t be able to move as much and could wrap the cord around its neck. However, the baby has been moving well — in fact, I’ve been joking that he’s already rough housing with his brothers, he punches and kicks me so much — so with everything in consideration, I decided to go against the perinatologist’s recommendation and stay home.

It goes against my instincts to not go with an authority figure’s recommendation. But I feel strongly that my mental well being contributes a whole heckuva lot to my physical health, and staying in the hospital as a precaution not only feels like overkill, it will stress me out more because it’s not as comfortable as being at home and I would have to be away from my family — again. I already hate that I can’t do what I normally would do for my family but not being able to be home to greet them, but instead having to wait on them to come out to the hospital, where — let’s be honest — they don’t quite know how to act also stresses me out.

Besides, I have another non-stress test Friday — a test where they
monitor the baby’s heartbeat for at least 20 minutes, check my fluid and my blood pressure — and the perinatologist, upon hearing my intention to not be admitted into the hospital, upped my scheduled NSTs to three times a week. Plus I have another ultrasound on Tuesday. If things continue to appear to deteriorate at that point, then I will acquiesce to the hospital stay.

In the meantime, no one has to worry that I will continue to bed rest badly — I’m typing this out on my iPhone (I’m about two hours in, haha), I’m making sure to drink plenty of water, I’m taking long naps, and staying off my feet as much as possible. I’m doing my best to stay out of the hospital until it comes time to have the baby, and with next week being 35 weeks, if hospitalization has to happen next week, both the baby and I will be more ready.

The celebration just doesn’t stop

This post is late, but only because I was waiting till the slideshow pictures were up. Last Thursday, CBS Chief Les Moonves came to the station to congratulate us on winning sweeps. Again, there was more champagne and this huge sheet cake, which was actually quite good – a perfect, moist, not-too-swee chocolate. No wonder I’ve gained another pound before the wedding I have to be in Saturday.

So what did Les have to say? Well, now that its Wednesday the next week, I pretty much don’t remember anymore. I do remember him mentioning something about how CBS the network and CBS 2 used to get dumped on all the time, sometimes by the very same people now working for CBS 2. Heh. Anyway, a good time was had by all.

Photos by Su-E Tan.

More hot linking hell

So I finally found out what was linking to – my screenshot of the Carls’s Jr. milkshake commercial. I swear, people pick out the stupidest things.

Of course I took care of it. But here’s my dilemma – my simple white “hot linking is not cool – use your own bandwidth” picture was effective, but not fun. But I have no pictures of cat poop or any other poop available in my house, the way Mut does. I figured, you know, is, like, an uber macho site, so why not use one of my Wedding Decorator pictures? Hell yeah.

Here’s before:

Here’s after:

Myspace myopia

The Myspace movement cracks me up. It’s like people are discovering the Internet all over again because there’s Myspace.

Me, I’ve been online since…1997. Almost 10 years ago. Wow. And when I got online I frequented focused networking sites with silly names like MixtureOnline (an Asian site with an aftermarket car industry tinge), AsianAvenue (an Asian site), CollegeClub (duh – a college networking site, but I did like some of their articles). I think I was a member of a few more sites, but I can’t remember anymore. Anyway, it seems like those sites have gone full circle and morphed into the all-inclusive Myspace.

Through Myspace, I’ve been contacted by more old high school friends in six months than I have in the last 10 years (my high school reunion is this year, actually). It’s like I never had a website or something that these people could have Googled in all those years. But once I got on Myspace, I finally got on the radar!

An old friend sent me a message through Myspace last night. Well, I found it last night, I’m not sure when she sent it. Anyway, I’d Googled this friend a couple of times, to see if there was anything online that might give me an idea of what she was up to. See, this old friend was a really old friend – one of the two friends I’d had in kindergarten. Kindergarten! I never found anything on her, but wow! Now because she and I are on Myspace, I have discovered she’s married with two babies, a boy and a girl, and she’s studying to be an RN. I don’t know what this whole situation says about my site – maybe I need better keywords or something, I don’t know.

Anyway. I no longer feel a need to go to my high school reunion this year. I think I’ve had enough reunions via Myspace to last me a lifetime.

Hot linking hell

Apparently, PlanetMut is not the only site having problems with hot linkers, which, for those of you who don’t know, refers to people who link to images on other sites. Its a problem because it steals bandwidth from the linked-to site, plus, its just easier all around if you just download the image and host it yourself somewhere. Dude, there are tons of free image hosting sites around. Stop being so lazy.

Mut’s problem has been with mostly MySpace morons who are enamored with his dirtbiking pictures. I just discovered tonight that someone posting to a Spanish language entertainment forum used a picture from my Gingerdead Man post (a picture I actually jacked from IMDB, but at least I didn’t hotlink it). Thanks a lot. So I pulled a Mut (although I don’t have any convenient photos of cat poop to post):

This is a problem. As much as I am an advocate of people getting online and learning HTML, use it for good, not evil – stop the hot linking hell!

I also figured out that I’m somehow getting hits from a message board. This makes no sense, seeing as how I’m hardly a sports fan, much less a hockey fan. I haven’t determined yet if its a particular photo because I can’t get into the link to see. I’ll report back when I’m approved as a member on what I find.