I was talking with an old friend from the now-defunct Mixture network and we were discussing our respective love lives (and for once, I don’t have to say ‘or lack thereof,’ the way I used to all the time!).

It’s hard to explain what makes a marriage like mine work. I just know that I adore and respect Trinity and I am so glad he decided I was the woman he was going to marry. I felt the need to explain to him the other day, that what really sealed the deal with me and him was that I respected his position on church and spirituality – that he actually stood firmly on something. Love is the easy part. Respect? That’s a whole other story. So few people stand for anything nowadays, and I respected that about him.

So it just so happens that I am preparing a Christian education lesson (yes, I sometimes teach Christian education – shocking!) on heroes and I stumbled on this article. Now, I don’t always agree wholeheartedly with what Focus on the Family says or stands for, but this article – so on point. If you’re married or wanting to get married and want it to be better, this article has some good advice. Now go read it.

2 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. Hey Girl,

    After nearly 27 years of marriage I know exactly what the secret is.

    You must like one another first, then fall in love, then adjust to each others foilbles and learn to love them and after that the rest is easy.

    The most important thing in love is to have a very great sense of humor and to realize that although life can someties be tough and challenging, sometimes it’s best to laugh and hold the words you want to say inside because when the heat of the moment is over, whatever it was that was bugging you is not really that important in the big picture.

    Love takes trust that things work out!

  2. Hi Darleene. I know what you mean about FOF. I respect Dobson but his recent comment about Spongebob Squarepants and other cartoon characters appearing in a video about tolerance, I think, was an overreaction.

    But thanks for the marriage link. I think I’ll be focusing on part IV though. ;)

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