I’m not alone in my cat-photo obsession…

I’m constantly taking pictures of everyone, especially candids (snicker), and my cats – the many I’ve had over the years – have, to their chagrin, always been on the main receiving end. For some of my more ancient cat journal entries and photo pages, click here, here, here, and here. For some of the recent pictures I’ve snapped of Krazy Kip (who apparently likes salad; one day, he and I fought over a slice of tomato I was saving for a sandwich, recently, he got into a colander of lettuce sitting in the sink and my husband came home to lettuce all over the kitchen floor and Kip chewing on lettuce. One of the days, though, I have to get a picture of Kip and my husband fighting over fruit snacks – Kip seems to think contents of the crackling plastic are his treats), click here, here, here and here.

Recently, I’ve been lurking on sites like KittenWar.com and CuteOverload.com. On Cute Overload, my favorites are between the cats reclining in the sink and the mad, fluffy puppy.

Anyway, it turns out Jake Dobkin, publisher of the Gothamist sites that are fond of writing in the we form (heheh), has a fluffy cat named Thompson. Thompson has got to be the fluffiest, sullen looking cat I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing. I am such a fan now.

And so, I bid you all good night with this photo. I’m not posting the photo on the blog, because Trini would kill me. :-D

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