I’m an eBay virgin

Everyone who knows me seems to think I’m a tech-addict. I pick up on electronic/technological things quickly, as a user, but a tech-addict I am not. So, after years and years of reading and hearing about eBay, I am biting the bullet and selling a purse.

(Have I ever mentioned the story of this purse? I had bought a different purse in January/February of 2004, a black leather number whose straps began to wear out even before I used it for a year. Of course, I contacted Tommy Hilfiger to get them to remedy the situation. I hemmed and hawed and finally sent the purse off to them during the spring of 2005, and got this number back instead of my original purse in the fall of 2005. This purse is so not my style (too much decoration along the bottom, plus its too big) so I contacted Tommy Hilfiger again to get them to take it back, they said they would, get the number of something you would like, I got the number of something I liked, then they said, oh yeah, we can’t replace a replacement. The color of the thing I want isn’t even available anymore. Bastards. I’ll never buy Tommy Hilfiger crap again. The original purse I bought was a stretch.)

So now, I’m selling the thing on eBay. However, here are my questions – should I make the purse available to international buyers? It seems I would infinitely open up my base if I did, but international shipping rates seem prohibitive. Should I reserve/not reserve? Should I make the opening bid less than $5 (its current opening bid)? I have so many questions. Anyone have any answers? I just want to get rid of the thing so I don’t have to worry about Kip messing with it anymore.