Perfect score on pre-eclampsia, plus a bonus complication

I haven’t blogged a whole lot on this pregnancy for many good reasons, the main reason being I’ve been trying to take it easy when it comes to stress and I already have a full-time job and two very active boys to care for. But, apparently, I am very consistent so I’m now 3-3 when it comes to getting pre-eclampsia — I began displaying high-blood pressure readings last week, along with some protein in my urine, as I was finishing up my 32nd week of pregnancy. And what was the bonus complication, you ask? Low amniotic fluid, also known as oligohydramnios. The perinatologist who has been watching vigilantly over this baby’s growth immediately admitted me to the hospital as a result.

So, I spent a very boring weekend at the hospital — especially seeing as I no longer have a laptop. Oh, Lord, what did I do, you ask? I ended up spending a lot of time on my phone. I occasionally also found movies or TV shows (hello, “Friends” reruns!) to watch on the hospital’s sad choice of cable channels. I considered trying to blog on my phone — I do have the WordPress app — but I’m not a big fan of typing a whole lot on my phone’s tiny little keyboard.

What I hated most about being admitted to the hospital earlier than expected (other than paying an unexpected hospital stay co-pay) was being away from my boys. I’ve been working on gradually introducing them to the idea that I would have to go away soon and come back with the new baby, but this was of course sooner than we all planned, with no baby coming home.

But now that I’m back home, I’m thinking that everyone has adjusted relatively well.

Apparently, yesterday, as Trinity brought the boys home from daycare, the boys went through a list of things they wanted — they wanted fruit snacks, they wanted to watch TV, they wanted to see mommy. Heheh. So glad I’m actually on their list.

For right now, I’m trying to figure out how to preoccupy myself. Trinity does not actually want me to sit at the computer too long every day — I’m supposed to be either lying down or keeping my feet up, which is not possible with our current computer set up — so I’ve been limiting my computer time to about an hour at a time, just a couple of times a day. The state of our home is also a….cause for concern for me. There’s all manner of clean, unfolded clothes upstairs that Trinity won’t let me fold yet (I’m working on it), plus all the baby clothes that we hadn’t yet gone through and cleaned to prepare for his arrival. Then there’s the rearranging of the house, so we can make room for, at the very least, a bassinet upstairs and a playpen downstairs.

Yeah, all this bed rest stuff totally doesn’t take into consideration the preparations needed for a new baby.