First Mother’s Day

My first Mother’s Day has come and nearly gone, and I gotta say — I cleaned up! Heheh, I knew about all the gifts and flowers and whatever you want to order at whichever restaurant you pick out, but I don’t think it connected that I could get in on this racket until I became a mom! Just kidding. I think it was just surprising how Mother’s Day could be until I got there.

First off, I got a bunch of Mother’s Day greetings by text. Normally, I like phone calls, but I let it slide today. We had woken up late and were too in a hurry to get worked up about it.

Then, Trinity broke out the gift.

Since Thursday, he’d been asking me, “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” My response was always, “Something that’s not too expensive.” (Daycare is expensive, you know.) So of course Trinity breaks out a small Ben Bridge bag. Which contained this:

Inside the bag was a 14 karat white gold and agate cameo locket and necklace. I initially didn’t want to open the bag, holding on to Michael and just shaking my head at Trinity for spending so much money. Trinity took Michael and made me open it and there it was. Here’s a closeup:

Yes, that’s Michael’s picture on the inside. Isn’t it lovely?

But that wasn’t it. When we got to church (late), Trinity’s sister and nieces were already there. By the time I left church, I had a vase full of red roses, a yellow rose, a pair of carnations and a bunch of alstromeria. Check it out:

Besides the flowers, I got two cards, (and I got one in the mail from Sam!) and a pair of movie tickets. I cleaned up!