Up & Up hard to find

Even before the big swine flu scare, I would wipe down my work keyboard, desk, phone and mouse every day before logging in. So, that made me a big fan of Wet Ones, rather than those household disinfectant wipes by Clorox or whatever. Those household wipes leave weird threads everywhere, and I wouldn’t use those on my hands or face, thus I use the Wet Ones.

It gets pricey though. So when I was wandering Target recently, I ran into disinfectant face and hand wipes with this Up & Up label, which I realized later was Target’s relabeled generic brand. They were nearly $2 cheaper than the Wet Ones I usually get so I tried them out….and I love them. Seriously. I think they last longer and they smell really good.

So I went back the other day to buy two more after my first two ran out. Now, at this point, I’d been at work all day, so I was already tired, but I knew I had to get home and cook, so the plan was to stop by Target real quick to pick these up. Yeah, real quick turned into at least 45 minutes — first I wandered around, looking for where these things could possibly be. I did get temporarily distracted by the baby section. I asked someone where the wipes were and this useless woman in a Target badge didn’t even know where the wipes were.  Then she pointed me toward the Cottonelles — yes, I want hand and face wipes and you point me toward the diaper wipes. GREAT. I wandered around for another 20 minutes before I stopped at the pharmacy counter and said, “I’m looking for these disinfectant hand and face wipes called Up & Up….where are they?” At this point, I was nearly on the verge of sobbing, I was so tired and frustrated. Turned out, they were right behind me.

So, Target, my plea to you is….if you guys want to promote your store brands (and it seems they’re quite good, if this one product is any indication) could you please, please, please, PLEASE make them easier to find? Kthxbye.