Thanks for the night off

I didn’t have what you would call your typical Thanksgiving holiday. But then again, I never seem to, which is the nature of working in news. And, of course, with Trinity also working in news, its sort of a double whammy. So yeah — I had the night off, and Trinity had to work. But it actually was not that bad — we slept in till nearly noon, had a nice, leisurely breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon and buttermilk waffles for Trinity, fried eggs — not sunny side up — with blueberry waffles and milk for me), and watched one of the many shows we’ve got backlogged on the Tivo. It was a good morning. Later, I cleaned a little bit (our bathroom), did some laundry and ate some leftover sinigang for dinner. Around 6, I went to Camarillo’s Marie Callenders and brought Trinity some pie (even though there was still pie left over at his work). It was a very laid back day.

My thing was — I didn’t want to do any long-distance turkey hopping, especially after an hour or so on the road the other day yielded a wicked backache. So yes. I’m thankful for all the texted Thanksgiving Day greetings I got (5 in all, plus one from Trinity after he got to work), for the easy, lazy day off and the chance to feel the baby do acrobats in my belly as I watched TV. It was a good Thanksgiving for me.