Surgery went fine, FYI

If you were wondering how my surgery went, it went just fine. It all actually happened at the Freedom Vision Surgery Center in Encino, which I’ve only ever heard of via radio advertisements. I got there early, amazingly, and Trinity and I spent some time just lounging around. Of course, its not like I could have gone to get some breakfast real quick.

Bottom line — after asking me some medical history questions, they ushered me into a back room where they had me don a surgical robe, then attached me to an IV and those sensor thingies that go on your chest. Within, say, 20 or 30 minutes, they rolled me into an operating room, fitted my nose with a plastic tube blowing cold chemicals (I assume) into my nostrils, and told me to close my eyes. Last thing I remember after closing my eyes was seeing the surgical lights through my eyelids, showing reddish orange. Next thing I knew, I was being rolled out of the operating room, being told I did fine.

I took this photo with my iSight, but it doesn’t really show much detail and I’m too lazy to go get my camera and camera cable right now. Bottom line — if you get real close to me, you can see four black stiches along my nose. From a distance, in the dark, you can hardly tell I did anything. In the light, it could appear I scratched a pimple a little too much. I know….EWWWW.

I’m glad I got it done, just to be on the safe side, and this is the last of my raised moles so I don’t anticipate having to do this again anytime soon. And I’m glad that I now have undergone a general anesthesia operation; now I know I don’t have adverse reactions to it.