Free Filipino food!

Ahhh, not quite. Sorry. But nothing like mentioning “Free!” to get your attention right?

Anyway, I have finally confirmed I will be at FPAC this weekend – Saturday afternoon, since you’re asking. (There was a kerfluffle about whether I might have to work, but that’s worked out now.) Anyway, I am not really going for one specific thing or reason (other than food and the great location at Pt. Fermin Park in San Pedro), but if you want some guidance, peruse Moonie’s recommendations. If you go, remember admission is $7 a person.

Oh, but if you don’t care for Filipino food, I highly recommend Body Worlds 3, which is in its final weekend here in L.A. Tickets for this event is $18.95 for adults, but its truly worth it.

One thought on “Free Filipino food!

  1. Moonie

    You know, you could have just fast forwarded to the 3 minute mark to hear Janelle So mention

    I was at Body Worlds 1 and it was super educational.

    Hope to see you in San Pedro this weekend! I think they got me emceeing the generations stage from 1 to 3 on Sunday.

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