Koream Journal in need of saving

September 2008 Issue Of Koream Journal

September 2008 Issue Of Koream Journal

I might never post a similar notice for, say, Filipinas Magazine, but I’m doing KoreAm the courtesy because its actually a well-done magazine. Heheh.

At any rate, my Korean-American friends need to take notice — you’re in danger of losing your magazine! From the Save KoreAm Journal blog:

KoreAm Journal has been around for 18 years. Yes, we’re old — or as we like to think of it, old school — though our passion has always been sharing the news, stories and issues of the Korean American community in the freshest of ways. In recent months, we’ve explored everything from international adoption in South Korea to same-sex marriage to Yul Kwon’s love life — you know, the important stuff. We serve as an exciting hub for Korean American voices and showcase the faces you won’t find in mainstream magazines. With limited resources, we’re doing it all.

And we’re not done yet.

But times are tough in the world of ethnic media. In order for KoreAm to continue to survive and thrive, we need your help. That’s why we’re launching this three-month Save KoreAm campaign. Please browse this website for ways to support this pioneering magazine and spread the word about our cause.

For the record, I heard about this via an AAJA-LA notice. See, membership does work!