Copy editors wanted at the LAT

At least, that’s my guess. I, along with probably thousands of readers clicked on the story, “Is The U.S. going overboard on bailouts?” I, of course, get up around 11, so this story has probably been up for at least 11 hours. But when I clicked on the story, it was still not fixed. Of course, the word “bailout” is arguably a recent phenomenon, correctly used as two distinct words, but morphing into one with all the recent — you got it, bailouts.

upnearly a new LAT word

"upnearly" a new LAT word

Now, one of those “two-words-in-one” gaffes is normal; I was prepared to let it go and just keep reading (even though it was all the way at the top of the story). But then there was another!

bailoutsadd -- a new government word or another LAT word creation?

"bailoutsadd" -- three words in one!

Hopefully, that class-action lawsuit filed by the LAT ex- and current employees can help pay for some new copy editors.