W00t! My iMac arrives


You have no idea the anxious and impatient waiting Trinity and I did for this computer, but finally, IT’S HERE. Cue the angels singing!

When our tax returns came back and we finally had enough saved up for it, we ended up going back to the debate — iMac or MacBook Pro? Eventually, we came to the conclusion that if we bought another laptop, we’d never buy another desktop. Thus, the iMac.

Ah, you can skip this post, but if you want to read more about my weirdness…

I didn’t mean to include the knife in this pic, sorry. But I love this — straight out of the box!

I almost wanted to keep the protective plastic on that shiny, glossy screen, but it was blocking the CD drive. So, it had to go.

Dude. The picture is as pretty as the HD at work!

Ta-da! The newest member of the Powells household, alongside the wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. Pretty, ain’t she? Should I name her?