Playing with Mr. Mac

Trinity and I have spent all night locked away in our office, playing with our new iMac. I’ve made several new discoveries, not the least of which is the awesome iSight webcam that comes built into the computer. Of course, this comes after successfully exchanging the Western Spanish wireless keyboard that I mistakenly ordered (I get super excited when ordering things online; this is the second time I’ve ordered the wrong thing on a major order. Man, seriously, Trinity must really love me) at the Glendale Galleria Apple Store. Apple freakin rocks!

Click through for more goofy pictures from my iSight.

As you can tell, I had a ton of fun with the webcam. I don’t know if anyone is still reading my blog from when I used to have a webcam (shoot, maybe 7, 8 years ago?), but at least one of those pictures are here.

Anyway, some other cool stuff we discovered about the iMac include the fact that it will connect to my iBook wirelessly! so that I don’t have to email myself all this stuff to download all my stuff. Dude. You have no idea. There was once a time I didn’t even want a new computer, just to not have to transfer files over. Now, its so easy. It’s like….a cheese roll from Porto’s, its that good.

I think we have named the iMac, but now I can’t decide if I want to go with Mr. iMac or Mr. Mac. The joke derives from my IM’ing Trinity the other night that I almost wanted to call in sick Tuesday (don’t worry, boss, I won’t) to spend time with him and the iMac. He thought that was really funny. And, yes, I am that much of a nerd. Dude, we’ve spent all night in the office and barely noticed that it was midnight until Trinity realized he was hungry and we hadn’t eaten all night.

Oh! and not only that, we figured out how to connect to our Tivo without buying supposedly required software (which, in my opinion, is a useless expenditure, seeing as how most computers burn CDs and DVDs on their own now). We ended up downloading the Tivo File Decoder, which will allow us to download the shows that we save on to the Tivo and watch them on the iMac. It’s so awesome. And if you tell me I’m a dork for not discovering this sooner — hey, I’d be a bigger dork if I’d shelled out $80 for software I didn’t actually need. We’ve already tested it out, and it works great! But, the whole experience begs the question — why does Tivo require its Mac users to buy Roxio software to download shows from the Tivo, but its PC users get a free ride? Hm….makes you think.