Onward ho in 2008

Chasing the sunset

I can’t tell you how glad I am its 2008. I didn’t mention this last year, but I was really apprehensive at coming into a 7 – year again — in 1997, that’s when my childhood home foreclosed. In 2007, something similarly devastating happened to me, but its still not something I’m comfortable talking about. Either way, I have a lot of hope and optimism for 2008.

First off, let me just address the two most common New Year’s resolutions. I am already on a plan to lose weight and have been on it since June, plus Trin and I have already developed a plan of attack for our finances and on how to save money. So I’m not even going to mess with those plans.

But I do have goals for this here blog, along with my others, especially the Wedding Decorator. For this blog, my goal is to get my Really Old Archives into my WordPress system. I’ve already taken care of 2003, but the hard ones are going to be 2004 and earlier, since I blogged so much and with such long posts back in the day. The other thing I’ve been contemplating since October is…how do I mark 10 years of blogging? Do I give up some of my anonymous posts, from when I was a reporter? Do I have a party? Do I send everyone gifts (right.)? Heheh. I need some ideas here, people. As for the Wedding Decorator, I’m planning to really get active with that blog — which includes plans to attend a few bridal and wedding shows. Anyone want to come with?

The other big milestone 2008 is bringing to me is….my 30th birthday. Heheh. Yes, I’m going to be 30. This is shocking to me, because there were times that I never thought I would make it to 30, with my horrendously bad luck. But yes. In May, I will be 30, and I don’t know what I should do. I think I’m not really inclined to have a party because, to be quite frank, my friends are kind of flaky, and would probably try to convince me to have it closer to their neck of the woods so they wouldn’t have to drive so far, never mind the number of times I’ve driven to Timbuktu to go see them — even when I wasn’t driving! I’ve already told Trin that if he wanted to arrange a trip using our credit card miles, my first choice would be New York, and a close second is San Francisco (with a detour to Hearst Castle).

And in fact, that was something I was researching yesterday — how much would it cost to spend a couple of weeks, checking out Boston, New York and Washington DC? I have friends in each of those cities, but am not sure we could really crash at each of their houses. By my estimation, it would cost about two grand, not including airfare, taking Amtrak from each city. If anyone could tell me how to do that cheaper, please, by all means, share!

The one thing I do not anticipate, to the chagrin of so many of my friends and family, is the arrival of a baby — God willing. We don’t plan on getting pregnant this year, so we can get ourselves out of debt and in a better position to provide for a third person, plus, there are some family situations I would like to get worked out before the arrival of a baby.

So, I think that’s what I have planned so far this year. How about you?