Helping you get your first job

Well, only if you’re an aspiring journalist.

I’m taking my sweet time with this entry, sorry. But life happens.

Anyway, I helped out with a local AAJA panel Saturday, “How To Get Your First Job.” (Check out more Flickr pictures here) That would be my boss, Erik Oginski, up there in the second picture on the top row. I helped snag him, plus Randy Hagihara (bottom row, 3rd picture) and Andy Ludlum of KFWB (bottom row, 4th picture) for the panel.

What’d we talk about? The utter importance of writing skills, no matter what medium, how opportunities are made, not presented, and the future of journalism in an online world. Heh. It wasn’t that deep, but there were a good number of questions on what the panelists thought of blogs and how important online is/will be to news.

Honestly? I’m just glad that there was finally an online person at one of these things. Sometimes, when I attend these workshops and panels, I feel like there is no one to answer my questions on online news and journalism.

Panelists were: Erik Oginski, Jinah Kim (of KNBC/NBC News), Gene Choo (of NBC News), Bob De Castro (of Fox 11 News), Randy Hagihara (of the LA Times), John Paley (of KIRN) and Andy Ludlum (of KFWB).