More racial tension, this time in Palmdale

When I first read that there was racial tension in Palmdale over a scuffle between students and school security guards, I was dubious. People are sometimes too quick to pull the race card and I honestly think it simply discredits them and others who may have real racial issues. But then I saw this picture.

That’s a pretty powerful picture right there.

Apparently, according to reports in the Antelope Valley Press and the LA Times, students were throwing cake around during lunch. Pleajhai Mervin, then 15, now 16, was told to pick up her cake, and when she did, it was not to the satisfaction of the guards, who did this.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, and even though I think its not out of line to spank your own children, you do not handle anyone else’s child like this — even if they are misbehaving or throwing cake around.

Check out this video I cut at work last week about the issue:

In a way, I guess I foresaw racial tensions brewing in areas like Palmdale, Lancaster, Riverside County, San Bernardino County — all areas that saw a boom in the recent bubble that allowed folks to get hassle-free, no-down payment loans to leave the Los Angeles area and buy homes in those areas. When you get a glut of new people into an area that has been around for a while, with neighbors who are used to a certain way of life and are set in their ways — you get problems. I think that’s one reason I wanted Trinity to not end up at a job in Riverside — I don’t want him driving in or near those problems every night.

But those problems seem to be everywhere lately.

In other race news, Mychal Bell, the only “Jena 6” teen to be imprisoned, has been ordered back to jail on charges unrelated to the Jena 6 beating. Hey, if he did the crime, he’s gotta do the time — but it does seem he should get some time-served credit, especially if they do not refile his Jena 6 charges again.

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  1. Karl Dahlquist

    Except that girl threw the cake, and nothing was wrong with her arm. The guard was exhonerated.

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