FIRE WATCH!!!1! duty

Smoke from the Malibu fire

OK, so I’m getting ready to go in for another day of work (having gone in last night too). I can’t complain though — I had Friday off for Trivia Bowl and last Tuesday off as a general day off, so, technically, this is my fifth day of work. Plus Trinity got called in for tonight too (one of the pitfalls of being married to a fellow journalist). So much for that day off last week.

But what can you do? This is the sort of thing that journalists want to go to work for, so I’m happy OK with having to go in — just a little concerned about all the laundry and cleaning that’s being left undone here at home. BTW, I took the above photo from my driveway on Sunday night.

Plus, I am truly thankful that my city hasn’t gone up in flames. My coworker Jenn McBride had to be evacuated from the Santa Clarita area, plus the sight of so many homes burning has been truly sobering. My prayers go out to everyone.

Everyone be safe, drive safely, and please DO NOT flick cigarettes out your windows during these windy days. I swear I saw someone do this Saturday night on the 101 Freeway through the Calabasas hills, and it irritated the hell out of me. It was weird too — I got off the freeway that night, and could smell something burning. When I parked my car and walked into my house, I could still smell the burning odor — as if someone was using their fireplace. Weird.

Find more of the photos I snapped in my Flickr stream.