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Had a terrifying morning.

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My shift starts at 6 am, so it was still pre-dawn dark when my driver’s side front tire blew out. I managed, thank God, to get to the shoulder where I sat in terror and praying as cars whizzed by. I could see in my rear view that several cars wandered into the shoulder before seeing my hazards and my lit up cabin lights. It wasn’t until a CHP officer pulled up behind me that I finally relaxed enough to unbuckle and scoot over to the passenger side, where I promptly buckled up again. After he checked on me and left, I sobbed in relief. Killed most of the morning at a Tarzana tire shop, where I got four new tires. But thank God for His protection.

Review: 3 DIY photo magnet methods

Photo magnets are a wildly popular gift, and my sister had mentioned last year that she wanted more photo magnets of the boys, especially since Elliott didn’t have a presence on her refrigerator yet. So this year, I did some exhaustive research into how best to make photo magnets to make a nice Christmas gift.

Why make? Well, the previous photo magnets we had given her were part of the photo package we got from the Michael and Chris’ preschool class picture session. And over time, I didn’t like how the photo started to peel away from the magnet. And if you look at the most common way you can purchase customized photo magnets online, they all look like this — thin photo paper pasted onto magnets that will eventually peel off.

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